Digital Workflows for Continuous Improvement – A3 Report, 8D, Kaizen Event

Some of the most commonly used and popular problem solving and continuous improvement techniques include A3 Report, 8D Process and Kaizen Event. All of these are highly cross-functional and require involvement and coordination of different team members to be successful.

Above problem solving and continuous improvement techniques are generally initiated with in-person meetings, gemba walks (observation) and brainstorming. These can supported with Digital workflows for improved coordination and to ensure effective implementation.

In ZFlow, all of the above are available as Digital Workflows that can support on-the-ground activities.


A3 Report is one of the most effective ways to support problem solving and continuous improvement activities. We highly recommend this article on A3 Report for more information on A3 Report.

ZFlow provides a collaborative A3 Report that can be used to support implementation of improvement programs.



Stakeholders can initiate an A3 report as shown below

The team can identify one or more A3 recommendations that can be implemented to solve the problem or drive improvement over the current situation.


It is even possible to design and run appropriate workflows to support implementation of A3 Report Recommendations.


8D Process

Similar workflow can also be designed for 8D process as shown below.


8D form below.