KaizenKit Pricing

KaizenKit subscription price is based on the size of server instance.  We believe instance based pricing is the right option for organizations that want the flexibility to be able to support large number of workflows and users without having to constantly worry about number of users and related pricing.

The sizing guide below is only a guidance based on our experience. As such there is no contractual connection between instance type and number of users in the system.

Unlimited Users (including Supply Chain Participants)
Hundreds of Quality Workflow Templates
Increase or Decrease Usage As Needed
KaizenKit SubscriptionProduction Instance Spec Monthly Price (USD)Yearly Price (USD)Integration CapabilitiesSizing Guidance
KZ3232GB RAM$2,500$25,000Up to 100 users
KZ32X32GB RAM$3,500$35,000IncludedUp to 100 users
KZ6464GB RAM$5,000$50,000Up to 250 users
KZ64X64GB RAM$7,500$75,000IncludedUp to 250 users
KZ128128GB RAM$10,000$100,000Up to 500 users
KZ128X128GB RAM$12,500$125,000IncludedUp to 500 users
KZ256256GB RAM$15,000$150,000Up to 1000 users
KZ256X256GB RAM$17,500$175,000IncludedUp to 1000 users