Supplier Audit

There are several types of supplier audits that can be conducted, including:

  1. Process audit: This type of audit evaluates the supplier’s manufacturing processes and procedures to ensure that they are capable of consistently producing products that meet the required specifications and quality standards.
  2. Product audit: This type of audit focuses on the supplier’s products and examines their quality, performance, and conformance to specifications. Product audits may be performed on a sample of finished products or during the production process.
  3. System audit: This type of audit evaluates the supplier’s quality management system (QMS) to ensure that it meets the requirements of relevant quality standards, such as ISO 9001. The audit typically examines the supplier’s QMS documentation, policies, procedures, and records.
  4. Compliance audit: This type of audit assesses the supplier’s compliance with regulatory and legal requirements related to the production and sale of their products. Examples of compliance areas that may be audited include environmental regulations, labor laws, and product safety standards.